It was absolutely beautiful here this weekend and will probably be our last warm days like this (it was in the 70s on Friday!). I saw that next weekend, it’s a high of 38 on Saturday — so winter is definitely coming. 

I kicked off the weekend with an awesome run on Friday in the sunshine: 

Beautiful fall Friday run | Crazy Running Girl


Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year? 

I headed over to one of my favorite breweries in the neighborhood for happy hour, grabbing a book and enjoying a favorite IPA. 

Book and a beer | Crazy Running Girl


I know that this is a conflicting topic –> whether you like/feel comfortable going out for a beer or meal by yourself. Some people think that it’s the worst thing in the world, but it’s actually one of my favorite things to do. I started doing it when I traveled for work, because you kind of have to or you’ll just live in your hotel room. In NYC, it was a nice change to the chaoticness that was life while I was there. 

And since then, it is something that I really actually kinda enjoy. 

It sounds like a lot of you feel the same — but I do think it’s a dividing topic!

Instagram poll on dining alone | Crazy Running Girl

Afterwards, I went and got my hair cut… which was my first hair cut in I think almost/more than a year (I can’t remember if I got it done when I moved back to Minneapolis). I bought a Groupon for $19, and it was my first Groupon in a long time.

I (mostly) like how it turned out:

Hair cut woes | Crazy Running Girl


When I got there, the guy asked me why it had been so long since I got my hair cut and I told him I’ve had bad experiences, especially when finding someone new. I had someone give me a boy haircut when I had short hair (and have had long hair ever since); and my last hairdresser somehow cut it crooked so my mom had to fix it.

Well, knowing that I’m psycho about my hair, you would have thought he would’ve taken an extra minute or two to really make sure it was cut well. And well, that’s what your job is as a hair stylist. But nope. He ended up missing a chunk of my hair! I had to fix it later that night, but seriously!? It’s so frustrating and annoying because I feel like I don’t have the hardest hair in the world to cut (it’s one length and long, just cut across?). So I guess I’m on the search for someone new again…

Besides my Friday run, I didn’t do any running… which honestly, with how I’ve been feeling about it lately, was kinda nice. I was going to run 20 on Saturday, but opted not to because it was a gross, hard rain and that just sounded miserable. I’ll tackle that today and hopefully get back on track for Indy training this week as I get into taper mode. I cannot believe how quickly that race is coming up! And it also reminds me that our days will be that much shorter as we turn our clocks back that weekend… not my favorite. 

One more thing

I have posted this quote a few times but I am seriously obsessed with it. 


I think that it is SO true. Of course, I would never wish hard things on people in life but sometimes those things are what make us better people and give us better opportunities in the future. It’s hard to believe that is the case because you can’t see the future, so it makes it hard to understand that’s what’s going to happen, but time and time again, this quote has proven to me that it is the case. 

And as always, I think perspective around the situation is SO important. What’s the saying, life is 10% of what happens to you, 90% of how you react? I think that when hard times do come, it is fair to pout about it for a little bit, but the best thing you can do is pick yourself up and push forward. Because you need to work for what you deserve. And, that’s when things will change, and that’s when this quote comes true. 

And, as much as it sucks, adversity does happen and WILL happen in your life. Tough times are just part of the ride, so it’s just something that we need to buckle down and deal with and know that they don’t last — tough people do. 


What do you think: eating solo, yay or nay? 

What was your favorite part of your weekend? 

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