I think it’s fair to say that fall is in full swing here in Minneapolis (and it’s pretty much winter, if you look at tomorrow’s forecast!) so it’s time to share my favorites for this season: 

1. WoodWick Candle – FiresideI have been a Bath and Body Works fan for ever (actually they call it White Barn now, right?), but I recently started burning WoodWick candles and LOVE them. I love how they have the crackling sound and their smells are great — they are the only other candle I’ve burnt that actually has an awesome sent. 

2. MPLS Script Baseball T-ShirtMy friends at Northmade knocked it out of the ballpark with this t-shirt! I absolutely love this design… and think it’s perfect for fall. Anyone else totally in love with the raglan/baseball t-shirt style? I think it’s so fun! 

3. Foot Petals Cushionology CamiI was recently sent these from an Influenster campaign and after walking downtown in them one day, I am SOLD. It’s so hard to find dress shoes that look cute and are also comfortable and don’t make your toes want to scream bloody murder. These definitely fit the bill. 

4. Life’s Abundance Plant Protein – Vanilla: Let’s face it, this is more of a anytime of year favorite versus just a fall favorite, but I absolutely could not live without my Life’s Abundance Plant Protein. I have two scoops with coconut milk, banana and ice every morning for breakfast and it actually keeps me full! 

5. Brooks Running Threshold LongsleeveI’ve been rocking this since last winter and it’s my favorite… so much that I like to wear it for casual instead of running. I love the thumbholes, the fit and how it’s pretty stylish on top of all of that. I have one with some designs, but black definitely tops my list next. 

6. Ona Gel ProSo a few months ago, I read a silly article on Buzzfeed about the things that you need to buy from Amazon and this was on the list. I got the unscented one, but it’s AMAZING. I have it in the room with the cat litter and I love how it basically kills any scent that there normally would (I love my cats, but I hate the cat litter box, it’s the worst). 

7. Vintage Crew T-Shirt by A New Day, TargetTarget just rolled out the A New Day line a few months ago and I am obsessed with this t-shirt… I may or may not have it in a few different colors. It has such an awesome fit, it’s super soft and let’s face it, perfect for layering on these cold winter days that are inevitably headed our way. 

8. Janji Altitude TightsJanji is one of my favorite brands on the planet, and I think they have an all around awesome line of gear. The altitude tights have been on my list for awhile; I just love the fit and the color combination of these. 


And there you have it! Some of my favorites from this fall. P.S. I’m linking up with Amanda today for Thinking Outloud Thursdays!


What’s on your list for favorite fall finds? Are you ready for winter weather yet? 

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