Hey guys! Happy Friday, and for us in the Midwest, happy first day of Winter-ish. I saw this meme and it made me laugh so hard: 

Brace yourselves... | Crazy Running Girl


It’s so true! I was really excited earlier this week when the forecast called for almost five inches of snow today, but that quickly changed. I feel like we got gypped on snow last year so I really want some this year (sorry to those who aren’t in to it!). 

And here we are: the last Friday of the month (WHAT) so I’m linking up with Marcia and Rachel to share my runfessions! 


I runfess… my hamstrings are STILL angry. 

I once read something that it takes one day per mile that you raced for your body to recover. So if that’s true, my body still needs a little bit of time to recover from The Golden Ultra, which makes sense why my hamstrings still haven’t come back to life. I am hoping that I can squeak in some scraping or massage or something before Indy because otherwise it may not be pretty. 


I runfess… speaking of Indy, I’m a little nervous about this race. 

William A. Irvin 5k Finishers | Crazy Running Girl


Melissa and I registered this a really long time ago (okay, back in March) and I thought it would be a good way to get back into running post-Ultra. At one point, I thought maybe I could go for a PR. I’m going for a finish (and hopefully under four hours) right now, so fingers crossed that can happen. 


I runfess… I keep forgetting to take my iron. 

Corny, corny iron joke | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve struggled with anemia for a long time, and it gets worse when I’m doing heavy training. I have the worst habit of taking my iron pills, feeling good and then forgetting to take it… until the symptoms pop up again. Everyone is different, but usually I can tell I’m headed/or in anemia land when I start getting super tired and extremely thirsty. 


I runfess… I want to try this new bouldering gym even though I’ve never done it before. 

It just opened about a 1/2 mile away from my apartment and it sounds so cool! I have never done bouldering, and I think the last time I did rock climbing, I was in college, maybe? But, it sounds like such a different kind of workout! What’s really cool, they are opening it as a full-fledged gym — so there are classes and other workouts, too! I can’t wait to check it out. 


I runfess… I watched the entire series of “Friends” AGAIN. 

"A moo point..." | Crazy Running Girl


I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched this series, but it is definitely my favorite. I rewatched the whole thing over the past couple of months, again, for probably the 37th time. This time, though, (nerd alert) I wrote down my favorite episodes and I’m going to share my ultimate top 10 list (it actually has 20+ right now sooo it needs some work!). 


What’s your favorite TV series? 

Winter: love it or hate it? 

What are your October Runfessions? 

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