This weekend started out pretty crazy with our first snow of the year! Of course, I had to jump outside on Friday and get a few miles in to enjoy the snow. 

First snowy run in Minnesota (2017) | Crazy Running Girl


Yes, I said enjoy. 😉 I was in one of the outer suburbs later that morning and it was like a full-fledged blizzard! I live near downtown, and we didn’t get anything to stick (all that concrete), but out there, it was piling up pretty quick. I hope this is a good sign for all of the snow to come!

Despite all the snow on Friday, we got up early to fish on Saturday… for musky of course! This is actually a REALLY good time of year to fish for these fish because they hibernate in the winter, and are stockpiling all the food they can before it gets too cold. I’ve never done it before, but we used some live bait (suckers) to try and bring them in.

Which was good for two reasons: one, it was SO cold that the idea of throwing bait sounded like torture and two, I caught my first musky ever! (Remember when I said that was one of my goals in October? It happened!)

I won’t go into all the details, but basically I didn’t even know it was happening when I was reeling in because I thought I caught some weeds, and then my pole definitely zinged and it started fighting about 10′ away from the boat!

Catching my first musky | Crazy Running Girl


YEP! A 46″ musky, the biggest fish I’ve ever caught in my life! Something that made it really cool was that there was another boat near us when I was bringing it in/we had it in the net, so they took some really cool pictures. 

My first musky - 46" | Crazy Running Girl


I especially love this one:

Catching my first musky | Crazy Running Girl


It’s like I’m taking Mitch (what I named the musky) on an adventure and waiting to grab something first. 


After a few pics, we let Mitch go back into the wild so he could find more food and get ready for winter (he did eat the bait I was using, so at least he got something out of it! Also, I’m just assuming he’s a boy, he could be a girl actually). 

It was such an incredible experience catching my first musky and I think I’m hooked (haha). 🙂 Hopefully this isn’t the last one I catch this season!! 


So in the world of running, my 27th marathon is this weekend! It crept up SO fast and I don’t know how it’s already here, honestly. I feel like I’m not fully recovered from Golden yet (as I talked about last week) so I’m giving scraping (Graston) a shot this week (recap afterwards to let you know how it goes!) in hopes that my hamstrings get a little happier… otherwise it’s going to be a painful 26.2 miles.

This is also my first time in Indianapolis (minus the airport) so if you have any recommendations of what to see and do, definitely let me know! 


What was the highlight of your weekend? 

Indianapolis –> tell me all your recommendations!

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