Happy happy Halloween! 

Halloween meme | Crazy Running Girl


I think I already talked about how this isn’t my super favorite holiday, but maybe it’ll be someday when I live somewhere where I get trick or treaters and a reason to dress up. 😉 

That being said, if you’re in need for a SUPER last-minute Halloween costume idea, I’ve got you covered! I think that us runners naturally have a whole closet full of apparel that can easily be turned into a costume (some of which I’ve done in the past). 

So, here are a few ideas to try out if you need something for greeting those trick-or-treaters tonight:


A runner (duh)

Finishing the 2017 Paavo Nurmi Marathon | Crazy Running Girl

This is probably the easiest one and is my fallback when I have to go to a Halloween party (which honestly, has been a number of years). Grab your favorite race outfit, an old race bib and even your favorite medal, and wah-lah… you’re a runner! Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. 🙂 


College student

This was my favorite one to wear to work a few years ago when we had a dress-up day for Halloween… mostly because it meant that I was really comfortable that day. Just grab your favorite hoodie/sweat pants, your backpack and you are set to go. Maybe order pizza for lunch for good measure. 


Emoji Halloween costume idea | Crazy Running Girl


I love this idea from Brooks Running this year, to re-create some of your favorite emojis and you have a costume! I especially love that one, the shrugging one. I feel like I text this emoji wayyy too much so it would fit me pretty well to have this be my “costume.” 


Gym teacher

Leggings/track pants + an old race shirt + your old running shoes = gym teacher costume! Add a whistle and a hat that doesn’t match if you have them for extra accessories. 


A princess or fairy


If you have a leftover tutu from a previous race (or a quick second to make one), put that over your favorite shorts or leggings and grab a matching shirt… and suddenly, you are a fairy or a princess. Super easy and basic, but when you’re in a pinch, it definitely works. 🙂


What are you dressing up for Halloween this year? 

What are your last-minute Halloween costume ideas? 

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