I am not a huge Halloween person, in fact it might be one of my least favorite holidays, but I know that some people are absolutely infatuated with this day… so if that’s you, I hope you enjoyed it. 

That being said, I would like to say that this October was one filled with treats —> it was a great month! In case you missed it, here are a few of my favorite moments:

Running the Twin Cities 10 Miler for the first time and meeting Shannon and Jen: 

2017 TC 10 Mile Finishers! | Crazy Running Girl


Being part of the Infinity Energy Mile with Brooks Running + cheering on all the Twin Cities Marathon runners!

Brooks Infinite Energy Cheer Station | Crazy Running Girl


Enjoying lots of fall runs + walks… 

Fall running in the Brooks Levitate | Crazy Running Girl


Including a new trail about an hour outside the cities that was GORGEOUS…

Rave Run: Wild River State Park in Minnesota | Crazy Running Girl


Breaking a go-kart and not living up to my smack talk for go-kart racing… 

Go-kart racing... almost a winner | Crazy Running Girl


Catching my first musky!! 

Celebrating my first musky | Crazy Running Girl


Joining the Yaktrax Ambassador team (Cold Conquerors)… 

Exciting announcement... | Crazy Running Girl


As for running, I didn’t have one of my biggest mileage months (which feels weird since I am prepping for a marathon) mostly because I was getting back into it after taking less than a week off from The Golden Ultra. I ended up at just over 121 miles for the month, which brings the total to 1,510 miles for the year. This means I’ve run enough miles to go from Minneapolis to Miami! 

Goodbye October, hello November! Recapping my miles and favorite moments; plus, an update on goals! | Crazy Running Girl


  • Set a PR in the 5k and the half marathon: 
    • Half Marathon PR (1:41.24): Door County Half Marathon
    • 5k: TBD. I’m running out of time to make this happen and also feel like my fitness isn’t really there for it TO happen. We will see how Indy goes and what shakes out from there.    
  • Strength train at least two times per week: I’m slowly getting back into this… last week I didn’t do any, which brings down my “grade” a bit. But, I’m still loving TRX and doing free weights — and noticing my arm strength improving because of it!  
    • January = C
    • February = C
    • March = C
    • April = D
    • May = B+
    • June = C
    • July = B+
    • August = A
    • September = B
    • October = B-
  • Get my age of money up to 45 days: So, October was a really weird month because of some money things… but I am excited to get back on track for my goal in November and December. Only 60ish days left to make this AOM increase. I was SO close in March, so I hope that I can make this happen by the end of the year! P.S., if you are interested in YNAB, use my link and you can get a free month!   
    • January = 15 days
    • February = 34 days 
    • March = 36 days
    • April = 31 days
    • May = 26 days
    • June = 12 days
    • July = 19 days
    • August = 26 days
    • September = 28 days
    • October = 37 days



Ahh I can’t believe we are down to the last TWO MONTHS of the year! This year went by SO fast, I can’t get over it.

This month has some fun races — the Indianapolis Marathon and Turkey Trot with the family — and some concerts and events that should make it memorable. I have a goal of NOT hitting double digits in my miles for the month… I think my legs (and mind) desperately need a break, so I’m going to make that happen. 

Plus, the last few weeks of fall musky fishing and enjoying some less-than-cold winter-ish weather before it sets in.

All in all, it should be a great month… I expect it to go just as fast as the last 10, so trying to enjoy it as much as I can! 

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What were your favorite moments of October? How many miles did you run? 

What are you looking forward to in November? 

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