Tonight I leave for Indianapolis to run marathon #27, the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I am super excited for a weekend away in a city I’ve never explored before, and also, with my bestie Melissa! 

2017 Grandma's Marathon Bib Pick Up | Crazy Running Girl


It’s been a few months since we’ve seen each other so it’s definitely due. 🙂 She’ll be rocking the half this weekend, and while we’re not running, we’ll be checking out everything to see in Indy! 

Initially when I signed up for this race, I had some big goals. I was thinking that the timing would be perfect for going for a PR, since it was just over a month after The Golden Ultra. 

I didn’t realize how much wear and tear The Golden Ultra would cause on my body. Which, given that it was my first ultra ever, totally makes sense. 

Golden Ultra FINISHER! | Crazy Running Girl


I’m currently struggling with some sore/unhappy hamstrings… I think they are pretty close to being injured, but somehow fighting through and are just permanently hurting it feels like. I did some scraping earlier this week (full recap on the experience next week!) and it was my last-ditch effort to see if I could make them happy before the race. Shockingly, it did not immediately cure them. 

On top of that, I’ve mentioned a few times that my motivation to run just hasn’t been there over the past few weeks. Somehow, I still logged ~120 miles for the month, but I skipped quite a few runs along the way. I think mentally, I just need a break — especially since The Golden Ultra training was NOT my favorite. 

So now that you’ve heard all of my excuses, let’s talk about my goals for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. 

My goals? There are no goals. 

This is perhaps one of the first marathons that I’ve run this way; secretly, in the back of my head, I’d love to hit a certain time, but I’m not writing that out to make it official. I know that I need to give myself a break — mentally and physically — and that will come after this race. 

So, I’m hitting the course to hopefully enjoy the sights, get my legs maybe feeling a little better (maybe?) and mentally break up my block against running. 

If you’re interested in following along, find me on Instagram — I’ll be posting there over the weekend!


Have you ever run a race that you didn’t feel ready for? How did you deal? Any tips? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

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