I’m hanging out in Indianapolis today and getting ready for tomorrow’s marathon! I really do love having a Saturday marathon because it means more time to recover and you still have a weekend left (instead of anticipating the race for the entire weekend)… we have some fun adventures planned in Indianapolis, so follow along on Instagram. 🙂 


In the meantime, I’m linking up with Rachel to talk about staying fit over the holidays. I feel like it all starts with Halloween –> suddenly there’s candy and junk food EVERYWHERE, and it can be hard to say no (did you know that willpower is actually considered a muscle? More HERE).

On top of that, there are SO many things going on this time of year that finding time to fit in your workouts can be challenging as well… I honestly don’t know how you with kiddos manage it all! Insanity. 

In honor of that, I’m sharing five of the things that I try to practice every holiday season to a) keep my healthy living goals alive and b) still enjoy the season (because it’s seriously my favorite time of year!). 


1. Figure out your plan


I think this is the most important thing that you can do when it comes to staying fit during the holidays. Figure out what you want to accomplish… are you training for something new? Taking time off? Just want to maintain?

Knowing what you’re trying to do makes it so much easier to keep that on target… and you can also plan (fail to plan, plan to fail) throughout the weeks. I always try to plan out my week on Sunday as much as I can so I know when I can get my workouts in, what days make the most sense for rest, etc. 

Personally, the holiday season will be time for my legs to recover after this marathon + maintain my fitness so when I start training for Boston in January, it doesn’t take too much time to ramp up. A bonus would be to get some of the speed back in my legs after the ultra seemed to suck it all out of them… but that’s just if it fits in. 🙂

And also, this applies to your food, too… not just your workouts. Abs are made in the kitchen, after all. 😉 I always know that it’s going to be a rough week foodwise when I skip the grocery store on Sunday because then I become a better scavenger than your average raccoon. 


2. Find something that you love to do in the winter


If you live in a cold-weather climate like me, I think it’s so important to find something that you really like to do in the winter months. There’s nothing worse than having a workout that you’re “meh” about and having to endure it when it’s super cold, windy, snowy, etc. outside. 

Some things I’m definitely going to build into my workouts over the next few months:

  • Cross country skiing
  • Bouldering (they just opened a new gym near my apartment, and can’t wait to try it out!)
  • Yoga (I just found out in my new office building, we get free classes so definitely want to try to build these in more than I have in the past) 


3. Try healthy alternatives for your favorite recipes


One of the things about this time of year is that there are TONS of potlucks, get-togethers, etc. and that can be build up the calories quite a bit when it comes to trying all the different dishes. Honestly, I feel like everyone gets junk food overload this time of year so if you can healthy up any dish that you bring, you won’t be the only person that appreciates it. 

There are TONS of things that you can find on Pinterest that offer healthy alternatives, but even some recipe substitutions can help quite a bit too! I’m definitely not an expert on recipes, but if you do a little research, you never know what you can find. 🙂 

4. Three bites


I first learned about this a few years ago from reading one of Jillian Michaels’ books, and it’s honestly stuck with me ever since. Instead of depriving yourself of whatever holiday treat you love, give yourself three bites. That’s more than enough to enjoy the taste without destroying your diet/healthy eating. 


5. Cut yourself a break


I think it’s important to remember that exercise is supposed to DEstress us… and there are times when life gets so crazy that it adds stress. It requires balance. I always love seeing these quotes come up on my Instagram, because aren’t they the truth? 

It's called balance... | Crazy Running Girl


As long as you have goals, are aiming for something and trying your best… that’s all that matters. Life gets crazy, so cut yourself a break every once in awhile if it doesn’t go according to plan. The stress has worse effects than skipping that workout. 🙂 


What’s your favorite indulgent food to have “three bites” of? 

Any other tips to share for staying fit through the holidays? 

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