Well hello there, Friday! 


This week has been super busy, but I’m super excited to head to Wisconsin tomorrow to watch my niece play basketball and go musky fishing again on Sunday (fingers crossed I catch any giant!). But in the meantime, I’m linking up with Rachel to talk about how I celebrate a huge PR!

Because let’s be honest, you’ve worked a REALLY long time for it… and you deserve to celebrate it! Sometimes, I tell myself about the things I’m going to do to celebrate after the run and that gives me some extra motivation. 

Anyways, today, I’m sharing my top 5 things to celebrate a huge PR:


1. Not eating any green food


I saw a sign at Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this weekend that said “F@(% salad”… and I thought that was appropriate. I generally celebrate by eating some of the food that I try to avoid eating too much during training season, like some greasy fries and a big old burger. 


2. A nice cold beer

Book and a beer | Crazy Running Girl


Cheers are necessary after a long, tough race… and I love hitting up a good brewery or bar with a lot of craft beers to toast my accomplishment. Reverse carb loading? 


3. No exercise


This is often a great motivator when I only have a few miles left in my marathon… telling myself that I get a break from working out for a few days so that I can recover. I also use this on long run days when the last few miles are a struggle, telling myself that I get a rest day the next day. Sometimes that’s more than enough for my mind. 🙂 


4. Focusing on recovery


I know, not that fun, right? But this is something I’ve learned to do when I’m all in woooohoooo I’m done with running! mode. I make sure I spend some time getting my legs in a good spot so that the next few days are solid for recovery… e.g., eating some protein, wearing some compression socks (I recently tried these out and they were solid!), etc. 


5. Lots and lots of sleep


Training is exhausting, but I feel like running a race is even more exhausting… I love to catch up on all my sleep that night and the night after a race. I feel like sometimes I have a hard time getting to sleep the night of a race — my legs are too sore that I just can’t comfortable. But once I do… it’s the deepest sleep of my life. 


What are your favorite ways to celebrate a big PR? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 


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