So, I made a promise to myself that this month I would a) take a solid break after the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and b) I would also aim to run less than 100 miles this month. I haven’t had less than a three-digit month yet this year (that I can remember anyways), so it would be quite the change. 

My first sub-3:30 marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


And this whole not running thing was born out of the whole overtraining, running a really hard race and jumping right back into marathon training once again. 

The reason I opted to do it was, well, for more than one thing. For one, my hamstring has been a little bugger since The Golden Ultra and obviously running on it is not doing myself any favors. I also felt mentally burnt out from the sport because ultra training was not my jam, and I started to hate the idea of going out for a run (which is a terrible feeling when it’s actually your hobby). 

Plus, I never do a good job at recovery. I’ve actually been seeing a chiropractor to do scraping/Graston and it’s been helping, but the one thing that she’s pointed out is that I’m not so good at the self-care part of being a runner. You know, the part where you foam roll, stretch, ice, add heat, etc. Which is true, I’ve always been the runner that’s like woo! running! that’s what I’m doing… and the other stuff is just a if I have time in between favorite Netflix shows before I go to bed. 

So far, so good. I have not run since the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and I’m debating about running today, but maybe I’ll run tomorrow. 

My motivator to keep up with the not running thing? Aiming to start Boston Marathon training in January and wanting to go into that training as healthy as I can, so I can have a solid training cycle. From that perspective, maybe this whole not running thing isn’t so bad… 😉 


Have you ever tried the whole not running thing? How did it go? 

How long do you usually give yourself for a break after a race? 

What’s your favorite form of self-care? 

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