This is going to seem like an odd post, because I’m not injured. I just ran the best marathon of my life just two weekends ago, and here I am, talking about recovery and you must be like… huh? 

The truth of the matter, I’m not injured where I can’t run or where I am limping down the street. I am, however, on the road to recovery meaning that I have run too hard and too much over the course of the past several years without giving my body a proper break to recover and get back to a state of health. Both physically and mentally. 

Case in point: After running my first ultramarathon and my first stage series just two months ago, I took off 6 days before I tackled my next race, a 10 miler. Just six days! I once heard something that for every mile you race, it takes your body one day to recover. Given that I had just raced 50+ miles, that was nearly two months of healing… and before I hit that point, I had a marathon on the calendar. 

Well, I guess I’m living up to the name of the blog. 😉

I am aiming to go for my first run since the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon tomorrow; about a week and a half post-race (this is the longest break from running I’ve taken in two years)! My legs are starting to feel good (remember all that hamstring trouble? My legs are starting to feel freshy fresh!)… 

Running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Over the next few weeks, I’ll share a few of the things that I’ve been doing as I head down this road to recovery. My ultimate goal is to go into Boston Marathon training healthy, strong and ready to dominate that training plan (side note, I’ve never had a strong race at Boston even though it is hands down my favorite marathon. I want to change that this year!).

These things include:

  • Graston/scraping… I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, mostly focused on my hamstrings, but through the process, there’s been a few other things that have been identified that we need to work on. I’ll share what exactly this is, what it does and what I’ve learned about it. 
  • Stretching… I’ve gotten REALLY bad at stretching lately and have been trying to build it in more than before. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s like flossing where it’s a mental shift. 
  • Nutrition and more water… This one isn’t directly related to solving soreness and not feeling like I’m recovered, but nutrition and water are SO important. And I’ve been slacking on drinking enough water, so some thoughts on how I’m changing that; plus, a focus on changing my eating for training, too!


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Have you ever taken a “break” so you can get to 100% before? 

What’s the last injury you struggled through (they are the worst)?  

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