So as I mentioned yesterday, I haven’t been running or working out much (hopefully later today!)… so what have I been doing? I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays to chat about all the fun life things going on right now! 

I FINALLY finished making this blanket

Finished project: Knitted baby blanket | Crazy Running Girl


I started this blanket months ago for my friends Katie and Clint (the people behind this awesome company), who were due with their first at the end of October. I am a slow knitter (like think of a sloth), like REALLY slow, so I knew it was going to take me a long time. I absolutely love this pattern, and now I’m tempted to make an adult size with some bigger yarn! I think it could look really cool (and it would be super warm). Now on to the next project… 😉


I started a new job!

Life has been crazy for the past few weeks as I’ve been settling into a new job… I absolutely love the role, but with any change, it takes a little bit of time for life to settle back into a normal routine. At least it coincided nicely with the whole not running thing! Takes some stress off for sure. 🙂 


I really want to catch another musky 

Celebrating my first musky | Crazy Running Girl

We are getting to the end of the fishing season and MIGHT have one more shot to get out on the lake to get a musky this weekend, but we’ll see if the weather cooperates. I would love to catch another one (I swear fishing is just like running, you always want to top your PR!)… but we’ll see if that can happen. If not, I can still be happy with Mitch. 😉


I love this quote

life will knock you down... | Crazy Running Girl


I am rewatching Parenthood (anyone else obsessed with this show??) and there are so many good life tidbits. This is possibly one of my favorite shows ever. 


Now that it’s getting colder…

It's dark beer season! | Crazy Running Girl

…it means it stouts and porters season! I absolutely love IPAs, but in the winter months, I turn more into a dark beer drinker (this is new and took me a LONG time to get here… but they are solid when it’s chilly outside!). 


Let’s chat: What’s new in your life? 

Beer drinkers —> favorite beer? Any dark beer you love? 

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