And just like that, we’re back to Monday! This weekend was a great one with some fun moments… from eating at one of my favorite burger joints in Minneapolis + seeing Cut Copy in concert + trying a new brewery + going to see Thor… it was a lot of fun! Apparently, I’ve turned into a terrible blogger and forgot to take pictures of most of these moments… 😉

As you can see, there wasn’t any running! How weird is that!? I did run on Thursday night and my hamstrings were STILL mad at me. Like not mad at me in a screaming way, but more in an annoyed way that they can’t believe that they have to do that work. 

For the rest of this month, I’ll be taking it easy on the running front and will start to pick it up for some “pre-training” for Boston. I’m still doing some scraping (more on that this week!) and am actually getting a deep-tissue massage later this week (weird, I’m not a huge massage fan sooo we’ll see how that goes). 

As a side note, one of my friends sent me this over the weekend and it makes me feel so old:

I just recently finished rewatching the entire series for maybe the 73rd time, only this time, I wrote down all of my favorites and I’ll share that in an upcoming post. I was going to try to stick to only 10, but man, there are so many good ones (I do think one of my favorties ever is THIS Thanksgiving episode). 

This weekend also marked the end of the open water fishing season… we closed it out with a day on the boat yesterday for one last attempt at that monster musky but of course they laughed in our faces and that in fact did not become a reality. But somehow, we survived almost 10 hours on the boat in high 20s/low 30s… that I think deserves an award itself. 😉


I’ll just have to be happy with Mitch, my 46″ musky from a few weeks ago! Hopefully next season brings a bigger one. 🙂 


What were your favorite parts of your weekend? 

Do you like deep-tissue massages? Or massages in general? 


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