Last year was the first time I ran a turkey trot (yes, ever!) and it was SO fun. I made hats for the entire family so we had a little bit of a costume theme going on:

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl

We are signed up to run our second one this year, and I’m really pumped for it! Since I’ve run one of these, I’m clearly an expert (#sarcasm), so I thought today I’d share why you should run a turkey trot this year since Thanksgiving is t-minus 48 hours away. 

1. It’s something the entire family can enjoy

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl

I mean, unless you have someone in the family that hates fun. Are you a fun hater? Hahah. (My nephew kinda was in this picture last year, he was mad at me for talking too much hahah)

Well, most of your family can enjoy it. I love that turkey trots are generally lower key races with different options so everyone can get involved. Timed options, untimed, dog races, kid races, you name it. So, whether you want to go out for a PR or if you just want to take your little one out to get some fresh air, there are likely options. 


2. It helps you burn away some of those Thanksgiving calories

It’s amazing how many calories we actually eat on Thanksgiving… I think it’s an insane amount. So, why not burn away some of those before they even hit? Plus, I love how it makes me even more hungry to eat my favorite Thanksgiving foods. 


3. It could be a new tradition!

Sisters | Crazy Running Girl

I am pushing for this in my family; that this is something that we do every year… because of the reasons I’ll list here, but also, it’s easy to make it a tradition (and it means that one person doesn’t get stuck doing all the work to kick off the tradition… like when you make cookies or lefse). 


4. There could be pie

Free pies at the finish of the 2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl

The one that we ran last year gave every finisher a pie… which I think for people who love pumpkin pie (I do not), is a game changer. As a sidenote, one of my favorite 5ks ever is in Jacksonville, FL and they give you a pie at the finish line if you are a top number finisher or if you finish under a certain time. 


5. It benefits a great cause

Most turkey trots are designed to benefit a great cause… and how can you say no to that? I am running this one this year, and it’s also a food drive where it asks you to bring one can of food per participant (in lieu of paying an entry fee). 

P.S. Check out my tips for running a turkey trot HERE


What about you? Why do you run a turkey trot? 

Any other reasons to run one? Which one are you running this year? 

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