I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am back in Wisconsin for the extended weekend and enjoying time with family and getting caught up on sleep(ish). I’ll have a full recap up next week, but we did our second annual Turkey Trot yesterday (did you see they are trying to hit one million Turkey Trot runners this year? I hope it happened!).

It was a super casual race and really kind of nice to run an untimed, low-key race, especially since we have two dogs with us for the weekend that we included in the fun. 🙂

Even though it’s a holiday, it’s still time for runfessions — I’m linking up with Marcia to share my November runfessions! 


I runfess that I was a little surprised by how sore my legs are this week.

To be fair, I should NOT be surprised by this. After running the marathon, I took nearly two weeks off and have only run a handful of times since… so my legs should feel a little sore. It gives me some extra motivation to get back to a normal running routine (and hopefully stop hitting that snooze button in the AM). 


I runfess that I’m considering signing up for the Chicago Marathon. 

I ran the Chicago Marathon back in 2011 and swore I would never run this race again, it was at the bottom of the races that I’ve run in terms of how much I enjoyed it. I am a much different runner now (and in a different place in life) so part of me wonders if I would feel differently about this race. And there’s only one way to find out. I would be able to use on of my race times from this year for guaranteed entry, which seems like such a bigger commitment than the *chance* you have in the lottery. 


I runfess that I’m not a fan of streaking. 

No, not that kind of streaking! Runner’s World kicked off it’s run streak that it does each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s (this year it’s called 40 days of running) and I will not be participating. I tried to do a run streak years ago and it did not end well for me… I think I made it a handful of days before I started to feel injured. They just don’t work for me, but I do know that they do for some people (always impressed to see people with crazy run streaks on Instagram!) so I still think that they are pretty cool if they work for your body/muscles. 



What are your runfessions? What are you looking forward to in December? 

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