Hi! Happy Monday and welcome to the holiday season… the official holiday season, you know, where it’s socially acceptable to have your Christmas tree up since it’s the next holiday.

I am so excited to get my apartment decorated for Christmas and to finish up my holiday shopping (I’m kind of on top of it this time!)… and of course, my favorite holiday movies!


I think Elf definitely tops the list, but there are a few other ones — Santa Claus, The Holiday and Frozen — that I absolutely have to watch too. 

Ooh speaking of movies, we went and saw Coco this weekend and it was SO GOOD! You should definitely go check it out — it’s definitely one of the best ones that they’ve done. 

But it’s also beginning to look a lot like training season! Like last December, I’m going to focus on doing some pre-training before I start officially training for the Boston Marathon in January. This week actually kicks off 20 weeks until the race! It’s going to come up so fast. 

Getting back to running... with some company! | Crazy Running Girl


Over the holiday weekend, I did more running than I’ve done most of the month, ha! My legs were feeling pretty tired, but I went and got a massage on Friday and they felt a lot better. She worked out a lot of knots that I think have been there since maybe even the ultra, so I’m hoping as I ramp up running over the next few weeks, it’ll only feel better and better. 

Massages have never been my favorite, and I know a lot of people think I’m crazy… but I guess I feel like you spend all that time getting knots worked out, leave, and they just come back? The worst massage I ever got was when I was in Jamaica, I had a deep-tissue massage and I have no idea how it happened — but I literally felt like I had run a marathon with how sore I was the next few days. 

This week, I am going back to the chiropractor for some more scraping — and it’s going to include some running on the treadmill to see my form and what may be causing my sore and tight hamstrings.

And to round out this most random post (haha), one of my favorite quotes — and something to remember as things get super chaotic over the next few weeks: 

If it is important to you...


I’m also super excited to have my holiday gift guide come out this week, along with a summary of scraping + how it’s going and a recap of November (plus, what’s coming in December). 


What’s your favorite holiday movie?

Massages: do you love them or hate them? 

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