It’s the first few days of December and somehow, we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s… whaaat? How did that happen? I must admit that I’m totally ready for snow, but I’ll enjoy the weather while we have it. 

Despite the weather, this weekend was a great kick-off to the holiday season with a Christmas concert on Friday night and the Nutcracker (by the Moscow ballet) on Saturday night. I absolutely love the Nutcracker and it’s been a few years since I’ve watched it live, so I was super pumped that I was able to snag some tickets at the Orpheum this year. 

Rounding out the weekend was an adventure to Wisconsin for a trail run + visit to an awesome brewery.

Trail running in Wisconsin Interstate State Park | Crazy Running Girl


We went to Wisconsin’s Interstate State Park (there’s also a Minnesota Interstate State Park). We parked at the town’s visitor center, ran the .5 miles into the park and hit most of the trails and took some pictures along the way. 

Trail running in Wisconsin Interstate State Park | Crazy Running Girl


Trail running in Wisconsin Interstate State Park | Crazy Running Girl


Trail running in Wisconsin Interstate State Park | Crazy Running Girl


It was pretty quiet in the park despite it being so warm, and was such a fun way to explore the entire park. We ended up doing just under 9 miles! My hamstrings mostly behaved, but died out on hills which made me hit panic mode just thinking about Boston. 

Trail running in Wisconsin Interstate State Park | Crazy Running Girl[tiny hidden waterfall!]


Last week when I went to the chiropractor, we did a video recording of me running and I’m now a forefoot runner. My highly uneducated self about the body has made some assumptions —> I’m wondering if I am running as a forefoot runner because my hamstrings are so tight and my body is compensating with that instead of the deep heel strike that’s typically me (however, forefoot running is more efficient!)… and as a result, the rest of my legs are in confusion mode and trying to figure out what’s going on. 

[can you tell that I’m a heel striker? haha]


So, that’s my theory. I guess what would help would be if I actually foam rolled and stretched. 😉 But! Lesson learned this weekend because I think it’s definitely getting to me, the whole not feeling 100% during runs and not even being able to tackle hills (which are usually my favorite challenge)… especially with a hilly race like Boston just around the corner. 

That being said, this month marks the start of pre-training for the race… where I work on building up my endurance and general fitness before I get into the training plan. I am planning on a 12- or 14-week training plan for this year’s Boston Marathon. I find that the shorter training plans like that work better for my body and for keeping me healthy to get to the start of the race. 

That gives me a few weeks to make these hamstrings happy… hopefully they cooperate. 🙂 

And because it’s Monday, sharing a favorite quote of mine for some extra motivation this week. 🙂 


What was your favorite part of your weekend? How’s the weather by you? 

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