Earlier this week, I shared the best stocking stuffers for runners with my top 10 favorite items that can fit in their stocking. And today, I’m sharing my holiday gift guide for all the other stuff you can fill their lives with. Not just stuff = important stuff that will make their lives as runners SO much easier!

So, drum roll please… my 2017 holiday gift guide for runners!


1. Sport Hooks – State Design

Holiday Gift Guide: Sport Hooks | Crazy Running Girl


I love having my medals for my runs and showcasing what I’ve accomplished, but I’m also terrible at that last part. Thanks to Sport Hooks, I got a pretty sweet medal holder that reflects my love for MN and for running! P.S. I also have one I’m giving away, customized to your state, so check it out on Instagram later today!


2. Jaybird Run Headphones


It is SO hard to find a good pair of running headphones, and I think that I finally found some in the Jaybird Run Headphones. Why do I love these? They fit right in your ear — no cords — and DO NOT MOVE. This is the most important thing since I feel like this is impossible to find! And, I also love that when you stick them back in the case… they charge! I am the worst at remembering to charge headphones and this makes it easy. 


3. Altitude Tights from Janji

Altitude Tights from Janji | Crazy Running Girl


These were on my holiday gift guide list last year, too, but I absolutely love the Altitude Tights from Janji. Janji is such a great company (I’m an ambassador) and their running tights make me happy.


4. Enso Roller 


If you think that the foam roller you are using is the pain train, try the Enso Roller! This thing packs a major punch, necessary to work out the muscles after some tough workouts. 


5. Brooks Running Launch 4 (or 5)

Rocking the Brooks Launch 4 | Crazy Running Girl


Well, the Launch 4 are on sale right now, so you could totally grab those for someone on your list! Or get the newly released model from Brooks. I absolutely love the Launch and have been running in these more and more (definitely on race day!). They are a great light running shoe for a neutral runner… and any runner would be happy to find shoes under the Christmas tree. 🙂


6. Life’s Abundance Protein Powder


I have tried a LOT of different protein powders, and this one is by far the best one. I love the vanilla — but they also have chocolate. Protein is so important to runners for a number of reasons, but mostly to help with recovery and to keep the hanger away. 


7. Entry into a race they’ve always wanted to do

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, 2017 | Crazy Running Girl


Is the runner in your life always talking about how they would love to do a race, but for some reason never sign up? Give them a certificate to get a free registration into that race from you… and if it’s a destination race, plan a vacation around it (if you like them that much, ha). 


8. Yaktrax!


If you live in a cold-weather state (oh hi Minnesota!), these are a necessity to run outside in the winter months. Yaktrax Run are my favorite, but if you have a runner that likes to venture outside, Yaktrax has a few different models that would work great. 


9. Dryer balls


OK, I must admit that I haven’t tried these yet and they are actually on my Christmas list. 😉 But they sound and look awesome and I’ve seen them on a ton of other lists for what you have to buy on Amazon. The reason why I think these dryer balls are great for runners —> I hate when you use a dryer sheet with your running gear and it gives it that weird feel afterwards, like there’s some residue on it? 


10. ShowerPills


Nothing says I love you more than buying someone a personal hygiene product. I love ShowerPills — they are so convenient to pack with your clothes and make it so easy to pick up a run when you have time, even if it’s in the middle of the day or between work and a social hour with friends. Trust me, they’ll thank you. And maybe only be a little offended. 


11. KeySmart with Tile Locator


Even though I live in an apartment a little bigger than a shoebox, I still lose my keys and phone all the time. (I know Mom, if I put them in the same spot everyday, this wouldn’t be an issue.) I hate when I’m ready to head out the door for a run and can’t find my keys anywhere. I love this KeySmart with Tile Locator — it’s a “smart” keychain that you add to your keys, and if you can’t find them, use your phone to make it beep. Can’t find your phone? Then click the keychain, and make your phone ring. Can’t find either? Well, I can’t help you there. 


12. At-home Cupping Kit


I just bought this cupping kit off of Amazon a few months ago and it’s been amazing. Obviously you don’t get as good of experience as you would with someone else doing it, but it’s incredible what cupping, even at home, can do to reduce soreness the next day. 


13. Headsweats Trucker

Headsweats Trucker Hat


I LOVE trucker hats — they are my favorite to run in when it starts to get a little chilly or if it’s raining. The Headsweats truckers are by far the best ones on the market; mostly because they have an amazing fit for running and some cool designs. 


14. Flipbelt


I love Flipbelts so much that I actually have three of these puppies. Real reason? See what happens in my life in item #12. Anyways, Flipbelt have an amazing fit and you can stuff so much stuff in there. It is a race-day essential for me!


15. Brooks Running Threshold Tights

Threshold Tights from Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


It is hard to find running tights that keep you warm without making you overheat… and the Brooks Running Threshold Tights do the trick! They are fleece lined and perfect for those colder winter runs. 


16. Brooks Cascadia Thermal Jacket

Holiday Gift Guide: Cascadia Thermal Jacket from Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


Now that the bottom is nice and toasty, it’s time for the top… and I love the Brooks Cascadia Thermal Jacket! I love that this is lightweight, but still packs a LOT of warmth. Plus, it has a stylish design that works great!


17. Map to commemorate race

Holiday Gift Guide: Marathon Map from Run Ink | Crazy Running Girl

Someone in your life have a big marathon? I absolutely love these marathon maps from Run Ink as a way to commemorate that special day and moment. Such a cool way to display your accomplishment along with your medal. 


18. Garmin Watch

Rocking the Garmin Forerunner 230 | Crazy Running Girl


Runners, I think, are by nature obsessed with numbers. We want to know our pace, we want to know our distance, and on top of that, we want to be able to analyze ALL OF THAT. Upgrading their current Garmin watch or gifting them a new one will completely transform their running. (If you really want to go all out, grab the Fenix… LOVE that watch!)


19. Running vest

Winter thermal vest from Brooks Running in pink | Crazy Running Girl


I think I’ve mentioned this a few times, but man, I used to be such a hater of running vests and thought that they were so stupid… ha, was I wrong! I am absolutely obsessed with these now. During winter months, it’s such a good way to keep your core warm (and I actually wear it for other things like ice fishing too!). My personal favorite is this one from Brooks.


20. Snacks and gels


Runners can never have too many snacks or gels! One of my favorite Christmas gift ideas is to grab a Nalgene and fill it up with different bars, gels, granola, etc. It seriously will be a favorite gift for any runner! My favorite items are PROBAR Bite, Honey Stinger Gels and Thunderbird Bars


21. Sarah Marie Design Studio

Holiday gift guide: Sarah Marie Design Studio | Crazy Running Girl

I love the designs that Sarah Marie Design Studio has! She has a number of them that are hilarious, some of them that are true and other ones that just honor the runner. I don’t think you can go wrong with a gift certificate and/or gift to your favorite female runner from here. 


22. Apera Performance Duffle


This duffle from Apera become my go-to travel bag, but I love it because it’s water resistant and odor resistant — the two best things for when you are traveling and running! You can also stash a LOT of goodies in here (including a 20 pound cat) — I’ve used it for trips as long as four days and have more than enough space. 


23. Smartwool socks


Ooh Smartwool socks are my jam! They are great for running, hiking, snowboarding, sitting around the house, you name it! I love that they are thin so they fit in your running shoes, but the wool is awesome at keeping your toes warm on those winter long runs. 


24. Face Moisturizer

Holiday Gift Guide: Columbia Skincare | Crazy Running Girl


As runners, I think we often forget about the other parts of our bodies that need attention… like our skin. Running can be hard on our skin, just as hard as it can be on our muscles. I absolutely love the Probiotic Complex Moisturizer from Columbia Skincare… it’s thicker than most moisturizers, but it means that it takes away the dryness and keeps my skin happy. 


25. Hair Strengthener

Hair cut woes | Crazy Running Girl


Just like our skin, we often forget what running (and the weather) does to our hair. I’ve been using Marc Anthony’s Strengthening Grow Long and it’s amazing… I’ve noticed that my ends are much healthier and my hair is happier overall. 


So there you have it, 25 gifts that you can buy for your favorite runner in your life (or treat yourself!). 


What’s on your holiday wish list? 

What else would you add to this holiday gift guide? 


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