It’s that time of year where the treadmill becomes our best friend… either because of cold weather or just being short on time. I don’t know about you, but I generally get SUPER bored when it comes to the treadmill. I definitely need to jam to a podcast or some music to get through the minutes that seem to last for-ev-er. 

After an hour on the treadmill... | Crazy Running Girl


There are a few workouts I’ve been doing that make it feel a little less painful and even make the time go by really quick. So, for this Friday Five with Rachel, I thought I’d share them to hopefully make your treadmill time a little bit more fun too! 

5 treadmill workouts to take the dread out of running inside | Crazy Running Girl


For reference, easy pace is also referred to as conversation pace. It’s a pace that you can run and hold a conversation without getting out of breath. Sometimes I push this pace a little bit because that’s how you get faster and stronger. 

I always set my incline at 1.0 when I do treadmill runs (sometimes higher when I get a little stronger). 

So, these are a fun guideline! But you can definitely modify them a bit to fit your paces. One of the things I loved when I ran at OrangeTheory Fitness was that they would always push you a *little* bit more. So with 15 seconds left in a rotation, just bump up your speed by .1 or .2. It isn’t that big of a change, but makes a huge impact. 



How do you make the treadmill more enjoyable?

Do you have treadmill workouts that you love? Share!

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