Happy Monday! To think that we only have one more Monday after this left in 2017… absolutely CRAZY!

This weekend was a low-key one, and it was honestly just what I needed. Friday night started off with my work holiday party that wrapped up pretty early, so I had more than enough time to hit the post office and ship off some Christmas gifts. Wild and crazy Friday night, huh? The craziest part was seeing someone make a collect call on a pay phone… that still exists?!

Downtown Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


It was snowing all night, which is one of my favorite things about Minneapolis in the winter. It’ll just randomly start snowing when it’s cold, even when the forecast doesn’t call for a chance of snow. 

I kicked off Saturday with a 10 mile run!

Winter running | Crazy Running Girl


This is the longest run that I’ve done since the Indianapolis Marathon… and it felt pretty awesome! I have been struggling with running mentally and physically (if you haven’t been able to tell) and it felt like I finally have it back. (Minus the fact that I either broke or sprained by toe pretty bad and that hurt… but everything else felt great!)

From there, I spent the day baking with my friend Abby. 

Christmas cookies! | Crazy Running Girl


But now I have too many cookies in my apartment that need to leave so I don’t eat them all… 😉 I’m starting to feel a little like Buddy the Elf with my sugar overload. 




And on Sunday, I helped my friends with their awesome business (and spent some time cuddling their new baby!)… and cried myself to sleep because of the Packers loss. Just kidding. This has been a weird football year for me — I think because of Aaron Rodgers getting hurt and just feeling like it was a waste of time to spend hours watching them lose? I haven’t watched as much football as I have in the past and it wasn’t a terrible thing. 

A few other important things:




1. We are supposed to get a snowstorm in Minneapolis later this week! Unlike The Weather Channel, the local weather people are being pretty dodgy with how much we’ll actually get — I’ve seen estimates between five and eight inches though, which would be awesome!


2. I think I’m finally going to upgrade to the iPhone 8 this week because Jax was chewing on my phone case this weekend and didn’t something to where I can’t get the volume to turn all the way off (unless I take the case off, and I have a Lifeproof one and so I feel like I’m going to break it if I do take it off). 


3. I’m all done Christmas shopping! But now I have a pile of stuff to wrap, which is one of my favorite things to do while watching a cheesy Christmas movie. 




4. Speaking of which, I watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation last week and I think it’s the first time I’ve watched that movie in its entirety. So good. 

Deer gear | Crazy Running Girl

5. Random, but I have collected a lot of gear from Legendary Whitetails over the past year (somehow they got me through a targeted Facebook ad… no idea how or why other than the fact that I live in Minnesota). They actually have really good women’s gear (that’s not covered in camo) and this is my latest favorite find.


How was your weekend? What’s your favorite type of holiday cookie? 

Football fans: how are you feeling about the season this year? 


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