Oh man, I have NO idea what happened to this month or the past few weeks… like seriously, it feels like every day has been about 45 minutes long and filled with seeing friends, working a ton and getting ready for the holiday. And now, the holiday is done and I’m hoping that means that things slow down a little bit! 

I went back to Wisconsin on Saturday morning, and we kicked off the holiday weekend with decorating cookies (well, I mostly ate them because I was so late) and the start of our Catan tournament. I got my family hooked on Catan a few years ago, and now it’s our tradition to play it ($1 a game) when I’m home.

Funny part is, we bought it for my nephew and he’s not that into it… or we try to convince the kids they shouldn’t play with us so we can be competitive with each other. #sorrynotsorry 

Christmas Eve run with sister | Crazy Running Girl


On Christmas Eve, the highlights included: a almost 4ish run with my sister, this intense booty workout from Beachbody and getting our night set up with fun games and little gifts for the family.

For our games, we did a few different things. We played Family Feud Christmas (and my nephew got a new nickname, Dixon, because he thought that was one of Santa’s reindeer name… ha!); the game where you unwrap a present with oven mitts (my sister won $5 for that one); left-right (while you read a story, they must switch gifts from the left to right when those words are said); and our annual dice game. 

Playing farkle (I promise she's having fun!) | Crazy Running Girl


After that, we continued our game binge with some Farkle (dice game… I promise my niece was having fun, ha!) and Ticket to Ride!

Christmas itself was COLD, so much so I don’t think I went outside all day (normal, right?).

Festive Christmas miles! | Crazy Running Girl


Instead, I opted for three miles on the treadmill while watching A Christmas Story and then it was time to open gifts!

Brayden working on his programming gift | Crazy Running Girl


It’s always SO much fun to see the kid’s reactions when they open their gifts… this year, I got my nephew a programming kit and he was so confused (but now he said he’s going to build a drone) and my niece had no idea what to expect with her gummy candy maker (which ended up being super fun and easy to do!). 

Making gummy bears on Christmas | Crazy Running Girl


We wrapped up the day with some Farkle, Ticket to Ride and Catan. Definitely a game-filled weekend, which is never a bad thing… especially when it’s SUPER cold outside. I was so happy to squeeze in a few runs, especially since Boston Marathon training starts next week… and I’ve been slacking over the past few weeks (see the first paragraph). 


How was your Christmas? What did you do? 

Does your family play games? What are your favorites? 

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