Now that Christmas is over, we are all looking forward to that next holiday: New Year’s! And with New Year’s comes all of our resolutions and promises to live a better life. My question is, why are we waiting for that one day of the year? You can start towards this on any day. 

That being said, I have been on the slacker train for the past few weeks. It has been BAD. I have been working a lot of hours, which means that I haven’t been sleeping a lot, which means that when I do want to get up early to run, I generally sleep through the alarm which is the worst dot com. 

I obviously need to change this since Boston Marathon training starts on Monday, coincidentally on the first day of the New Year. But that being said, I have some health things I need to work on between now and then. 

Because in addition to the whole not sleeping enough and not working out enough, I have been eating more junk food and sugar than I have for probably the entire year combined, and that needs to change. 

I have talked about this a few times — how to make some changes to start living a healthier life — but of course, I’ve learned a few things since then, so today’s post features my life hacks for living healthy, both from a nutrition and exercise point of view. 


1. A little bit is better than nothing. 

Hitting the treadmill for some miles | Crazy Running Girl


In our minds, it’s so easy to say, “well if I can’t get in my X mile run, I shouldn’t do anything.” But, something is better than nothing… and I’ve been trying to practice this over the past few weeks. I’ve had big plans to run double-digit miles that get thwarted by other life priorities, which means that I only end up with less than 30 minutes to squeeze in a workout. Enter treadmill and treadmill workout


2. Call a friend. 

With Melissa, pre-Grandma's Marathon in 2017 | Crazy Running Girl


When I was going down the sugar cookie rabbit hole at Christmas this year, I texted Melissa and told her to tell me to stop eating cookies immediately and not to let me eat another one. Just telling her was more than enough to get me to stop eating them… and some of the other junk food. In an odd way, it definitely kept me accountable. 


3. Focus on your goals

#BostonMarathon tip: Write your name on your arms, the spectators will cheer for you! | Crazy Running Girl


This has helped me stay focused on being healthier more than anything else. For me, I want to have a solid race at Boston… not necessarily a PR, but I want to get to the starting line healthy. So, developing bad habits now will do nothing for me… and knowing that I have this around the corner inspires me to stay healthy. 


4. What can you cut? 

Finished project: Knitted baby blanket | Crazy Running Girl


This is the hardest thing for me because I want to do ALL THE THINGS. But sometimes, it doesn’t work out that way and when life starts feeling too stressful to take care of yourself, that’s a sign that you have too much on your plate. Self-care is so very important (as I’ve found out in the past few weeks) and if you don’t have time for that, it’s time to reprioritize. 


5. Define what health means to you 

Goldys Run finishers! | Crazy Running Girl


I think this is SO important and something that you need to do as you go on your healthy journey. Everyone has a different perspective of health and this is something that will also change as you hit your goals and change what’s important.

For some people, this might be being able to cut a soda habit. Walk a mile. Run their first 5k. Figure out what it is, and it makes everything above so much easier to attain. 


Of course, there are all the other elements of living healthy that everyone else talks about: drink more water. eat less junk food. exercise more. I feel like we hear about these all the time, and sometimes, the life hacks do more with setting yourself up for success than what you actually do (if that makes sense). 


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What other life hacks for living healthy would you add to this list? What do you struggle with? 

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