Wow, sorry for the silence last week! I honestly have no idea what happened to my time or where the days went. I had big goals of getting back into a routine (ahem, that whole balance thing) and kicking off Boston Marathon training. Before I knew it, it was Friday and neither of those things happened.


So, on the note, some things to talk about on this Monday:

1. TODAY officially kicks off Boston Marathon training!

Yep, it’s going to happen this week. I built out my training plan today so I feel more settled now that it’s on paper. I’m doing a modified version of Advanced Marathoning (my favorite) along with a focus on strength training to make sure I can handle those hills.

I’m starting easy at around 30 miles per week and will build myself up to the high 50s. I haven’t ever gone much higher than this, it seems to be where my body stays happy.

2. I signed up for my next next marathon!

My race calendar is looking a little light, and Melissa and I were chatting a few weeks ago that we don’t have any upcoming racecations (minus our plan to do Philly in November). So, we decided to change that and… *drumroll please*

We’ll be headed to Colorado in June for Revel Rockies! It’s a LOT of downhill at elevation, so definitely a new challenge that I’m looking forward to!

3. Ice fishing season is officially here!

Thanks to a few weeks of negative degree temperatures, it’s safe to say that ice fishing season is here. We went out for a few hours this weekend and it was even warm enough (in the 20s) to go without the ice hut. Funny how after being in the -20s for so long, that starts to feel a little balmy.

4. …and so is other winter fun!

We went for a hike at Minnehaha Falls yesterday, and it was awesome to see the frozen falls (I tried to go last year but missed when they were 100% frozen). I love that this park is right in Minneapolis, and a fun place to adventure in summer and winter (maybe even more fun in wintertime even).

5. That was quite the experience…

I’m continuing my goal for trying something new every single month, and this month, I went to a roller derby competition! We went and checked out North Star Roller Derby, which was super entertaining and everything and nothing like I expected.

It was full of action, a little confusing and a lot entertaining. The first game we watched, it as a blow out and the losing team came back and won! We also sat in the beer garden area which was “VIP,” meaning we were on the floor and had a close view of everything going on. Best part? Those tickets were only $15!

How was your weekend? Favorite part?

Are you trying anything new this month? Details!

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