And here we are, Thursday once again. 


Does anyone remember when Thursday night TV used to be the absolute BEST? This is probably aging me a little bit, but I used to be so excited to get home and watch Seinfeld and Friends. It’s so funny how much that has changed, thanks to Netflix and Hulu. Who needs to be excited for a certain night of the week, when you can just watch it whenever you want? 


Speaking of that… I’m currently addicted to Younger (thank you, Melissa!)

Younger TV show | Crazy Running Girl


I had no idea Hilary Duff had a new show out, Younger, and I think it’s definitely worth checking out. Remember when she used to be Lizzie McGuire? So good. Younger is definitely on the line of trashy TV, but it’s entertaining and mostly mindless… just what I need this time of year. 


Did you read this article? 

This letter from a 27-year-old who was dying of cancer will change your approach to life

I swear I saw it on every single social media network earlier this week, and took a few minutes to read it and I’m so happy I did. I think it’s so easy to get stuck in the day-to-day grind of life and forget about the bigger picture. And sometimes it’s hard to focus on making sure you’re enjoying your life and everything that is part of it.

It has such an amazing message. If you haven’t read it, drop everything and read it right now. It makes me sad to hear that she passed away, but I love that she was able to share her views on life and everything before she did. In some ways, it reminds me of an updated Sunscreen Song. 


Yassos are the absolute best-worst workout

Recovering after the best-worst workout | Crazy Running Girl


I have started integrating Yassos into my training plans more — doing three different rounds (one at the beginning of training / one halfway through / one at the end). Yassos are a great way to gauge how you’re doing with marathon training and your fitness levels. If you aren’t familiar with them –> you run 10x800m with 400m jog in between (I usually throw in a 800m warm up / cool down). The average time of what you run them in (for instance, 3:39 was what I did last night) equals your project marathon time in hours:minutes. I am really happy with this –> it was SUPER tough, but I’m in a much better spot than I thought I was. I’ll take it!


What’s your favorite day of the week? 

What would your biggest piece of life advice be? 

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