Happy Tuesday! After a long weekend, today feels like a Monday but also feels like it should be a Friday, so it’s all kind of weird.

I love long weekends because you feel like you get that extra day to knock out everything that’s been on your wish list for awhile… I spent a lot of time cleaning up my clothes situation and donated four bags of stuff, plus bought some new furniture so it was a full day of adulting. 

Before I get to five things from the long weekend, I am about two weeks in to Boston Marathon training and already have a little nagging injury. It’s the weird part behind the ankle, but before the Achilles, and I think it’s an overuse training (since I went from 0 to 100 pretty quickly in this training). 



I’m taking today off and spending some time giving it some TLC, so fingers crossed it feels better tomorrow for sprint day. 


Besides all the adulting and football that went down this weekend, there were some other fun highlights:

1. We got a lot of snow!

Minneapolis snow! | Crazy Running Girl

OK, not a ton, but three or four inches is much better than what we’ve seen so far this season. I’m still holding on to Snowmaggedon 2018 in the next few weeks (that would be crazy if it happened right before the Super Bowl). 


2. First long run of Boston Marathon training in the books!

Running with Jen | Crazy Running Girl

Jen and I met up on Sunday to get our 13 miles in and ran country roads a little north of the cities, which was a nice change of pace. It was also awesome to have someone to run all the miles with and made the run itself fly by. 


3. How weird is this picture?

Weird purple hue to Minneapolis skyline | Crazy Running Girl

I snapped this on my run yesterday and somehow, the flash turned the sky purple and it also gave the sky an eye… the rest of the pictures that I took turned out fine, so this one was super weird. 


4. This meme cracks me up

Saints vs. Vikings game | Crazy Running Girl

Sorry Saints fans, I know how you feel. 


5. Kitty snuggles!

Apollo the cat | Crazy Running Girl

Apollo had a lot more energy this weekend than he had in a long time and it was good to see him more alert/with things than he has been. (Even if he looks like he’s giving me the evil eye in this picture…)


How was your weekend? Highlights?

Have you had an injury similar to mine? What did you do to fix it?


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