The cold weather combined with no sunshine early in the morning makes it REALLY tough to have the motivation to get up and get outside to run. I’ve started doing more indoor workouts because of that, and that also means that in addition to running more on the treadmill, I’ve been spending more time in the gym. 

So today for Friday Five with Rachel, I’m talking about my five favorite exercises to hit the gym during these winter months. 

1. Burpees

Seriously, love to hate these things… burpees are SUCH a great workout because they give you a little bit of everything. Work your arms, legs and even give yourself an endurance boost with these babies. Did I mention that you’ll feel a little bit like Superman once you are done with them? [See the move here]


2. Hammer curls

I think that hammer curls are potentially my favorite arm move… they feel so much more intense than bicep curls and I think this has been a big reason for why I’ve moved slightly above a t-rex in arm strength in recent years. [See move here]


3. Curtsy squats

This was actually a move that I learned thanks to a Carrie Underwood workout that promised that I would get her legs. I mean, I wish I could have her legs because they look amazing, but I also think curtsy squats have really helped improve my leg stability and in turn, helped me improve my running. Bonus bonus. [See move here]


4. Planks

Oh, aren’t these just so fun? I do love planks because you work so many different areas of your body. How can you not love that? Plus, it’s easy to see some quick improvements… in just a matter of days, you can up your plank hold by 30 seconds! What’s better than that? [See move here]


5. Wood choppers

Man, do these things burn! Seriously, I would be the worst lumberjack ever and this workout proves it. I usually die after just a handful (aka what you can count on both of your hands), but improvement is definitely a measure for success when it comes to wood choppers. [See move here]


What are some of your favorite winter fitness moves? Do you love/hate burpees?

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