Last week, the weather people started predicting a HUGE storm that was supposed to hit on Sunday and Monday and as the days went on… their numbers went down, and it made me so bummed. We haven’t had a solid snowstorm in so long and that’s one of the best parts of winter! Luckily, their numbers didn’t go down too much… we ended up with a good chunk of snow (maybe even double digits/!). 

Let’s hope this is just the start of our snowy winter (even if it is the middle of January). 


Ugh, I must confess, I am in such a funk. I am not sure if it’s because life is so busy and crazy right now, or because it’s been so cold outside, but I just have not had the energy or the want to get into Boston Marathon training. My mind just isn’t in it right now, which is so odd. 

Part of it may also be the fact that I already have my 2019 BQ time, so my mind is like uhh why are we going all out for this? Which is weird because I always feel like I’m ready to compete. 

The one thing I’ve learned about marathon training, you can’t force it. It’s funny how when you’re injured (or can’t do it), all you want to do is run; but once you are out of the injury zone, sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do. 

There are still a lot of weeks between now and Boston, so I have time to get my juju back… but hopefully it comes back soon! So for all of you cold-climate runners, tell me what you do to stay inspired and motivated to run during the winter months! Especially when you know that you are facing a double-digit run on the treadmill… 

How do you keep your love for running alive when you’re in a “meh” phase? 


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