The last few miles of a marathon are brutal no matter what, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever run a marathon without loathing the last three to four miles because they just feel like you are running uphill covered in molasses. Allen Parkway, which is at the end of the Chevron Houston Marathon, is no different. 

I have always hated those last few miles of that race, and it wasn’t until this past weekend that I had an opportunity to run Allen Parkway without having some baggage (and 20+ miles on my legs) beforehand. I was staying downtown for a work conference, so it was super easy to jet over to the Allen Parkway area, and run on the trails there. 

I didn’t run on the road like you do in the marathon (I mean, I’d probably be hit by a crazy Houston driver), but did weave between the sidewalks and the running path along Buffalo Bayou Park. This area seemed to be one of the spots hit the hardest by Hurricane Harvey; many of the running paths were covered in mud and sand, and you could tell they were doing a lot of work to get it back to a good spot. 

There was also a lot of trash in the trees, and piled up along the shore. It’s amazing how powerful a hurricane can be, and how long-lasting the effects can be. 

Rave Run: Buffalo Bayou in Houston, TX | Crazy Running Girl


Besides that and the monotone color of brown due to winter, I really enjoyed running along Buffalo Bayou. I went out early in the morning and mid-morning as well, and there were always a good number of runners out. For me, I like seeing other people out and about (for some reason, it makes me feel less crazy). 

I had to laugh that Houston is trying to have it’s own bat bridge like Austin (not even close, sorry guys), and enjoyed seeing some of the sculptures they had along the way. 

Rave Run: Buffalo Bayou in Houston, TX | Crazy Running Girl


If you’re in the downtown Houston area and looking for a rave run, definitely check out the Buffalo Bayou… and be patient knowing that the city is still trying to recover from Harvey. Maybe next time I jet down Allen Parkway in the Chevron Houston Marathon, I won’t be such a hater. 


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Where was your last rave run? Details!

How do you find new running paths when you are in a new city/town? 

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