I landed back in Minneapolis late on Friday and it felt SO good to finally be home! It was a very long trip, albeit a good trip, but it felt like I had been gone for-ev-er. 

This weekend was a busy and solid one. I spent most of my time trying to avoid the downtown area/hot spots as much as possible because of all the Super Bowl crazies, and instead, we ventured north to try out ice climbing!

I bought this for Brandon for Christmas, and it was a super fun experience. I’ll have a full recap post up in the next week or so, so definitely check it out. 

Three Twenty Brewing | Crazy Running Girl


Afterwards, we checked out a brewery on the way back to Minneapolis and it literally hurt to even lift a beer because we were so sore from ice climbing. Apparently I need to do some forearm work. 😉

On Saturday night, I caught up on Parenthood + emails + life and it was just what I needed. It felt so good to be a little bit of a hermit. And Sunday rounded it out with cooking + a Super Bowl party, which was a ton of fun! The game wasn’t really my most favorite, and that halftime show… snooze fest. However, this kid was super cute:

Who is Justin Timberlake? | Crazy Running Girl


I did have a 20 miler on the calendar this weekend that just did not happen. Life was busy, and I was going to try to do it last night, but was exhausted. I know, all the excuses. I just don’t know what’s up with this training round… I’m still struggling to get into it, despite having a solid week of training last week. At least I still have some time to get back into it… and am feeling pretty strong, so I’m not stressing out for it (yet). 

I think one of the reasons is that for the longest time, I was gunning for a sub 3:30… and now that I’ve hit it, I’m feeling a little aimless. Now what? I haven’t figured out what my next bucket list goal is and since I’m already qualified for Boston in 2019, I think my motivation is just kinda… meh. 

I know, I know… that’s been my rant for the past few weeks, so time to move past it. I’ll get there. 


What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl? Favorite commercial? 

Once you conquer a goal, how do you figure out a new one to go after? 

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