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Let’s get real (#10)

Happy Thursday! In honor of today, I’m bringing you another edition of let’s get real…  How do I open this? OK, I saw this at Target the other day (while I was there buying more practical things, of course) and it was SUPER cute. It’s a whale, that has coasters on its belly… the trouble is, I literally cannot figure out how to get these cute coasters out. I think this actually may be why it’s on clearance. Either way, any chance that someone bought this and has any tips for me?    That may have happened. Since we...

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Mastering the easy run + blood lactate test [Coaches Corner]

As part of our track workout on Friday, we had the opportunity to participate in a two-step blood lactate test. This is something that Corey Hart, the Beasts’ physiologist, does with the elites, only he will do a four or five step test.  What is the blood lactate test? The blood lactate test measures how much lactic acid you have in your blood. Long story short, lactic acid is produced when you exercise as your body breaks down glucose for energy. As your body needs more energy, the demand for energy also increases… which means that there will be more lactic...

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Monday long run + Boston Marathon Week 12 Training Recap

I cannot believe that it’s only 27 days until the Boston Marathon!   It’s crazy how when you start marathon training, it feels like you have forever until race day and just when you get to that point where you are tired of running all the miles… it just sneaks up on you and suddenly you’re in taper mode and wishing that you had a few more miles to tackle.    Last week was definitely an interesting week training wise. I was in Colorado and New Mexico, so my runs were at altitude. Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel the...

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10 things from #CampBrooks

After a solid 10 days away from home, I am finally back in Minneapolis and returning to reality! It was such an awesome trip —> started with a weekend in Steamboat for ice fishing/skiing fun, with a week in Denver working remote and spending time with my favorite people, and wrapped up with #CampBrooks this weekend in Albuquerque.  What is #CampBrooks? It was an amazing event that Brooks put on for the RunHappy Ambassador team, run influencers and media to get a sneak peek into what altitude camp looks like for the Brooks Beasts, the company’s elite running team....

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5 thoughts I have during spring running

Happy Friday! I am on my way to Albuquerque this morning for Camp Brooks, where I’m meeting up with the other Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors for a weekend of running (including some trail action!) and sessions with Brooks experts.   This is one of my favorite weekends out of the year, so I’m super excited that it’s already here. If you want to follow along, head on over to Instagram where I’ll be posting all weekend long. I also hope it’s not going to be too hot because I forgot to pack shorts.  *** I think it’s fair to say...

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