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Thursday Thoughts: Every dollar needs a job

Yesterday was officially my one year anniversary of using the budgeting tool You Need a Budget. I actually started using this because my sister was using it and had rave reviews… and I figured, what could it hurt?  Personally, I love finances. I love numbers and math and mostly, seeing the numbers go up. When the numbers do not go up, I am not as much of a fan. But who is?    via GIPHY   In my past life, finances were a huge stressor… I had this insane spreadsheet (that I sometimes look at now and wonder why...

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Should you run the Beer Mile? [Coaches Corner]

In the past few years, the Beer Mile has gotten a ton of recognition as the world championship times have gotten crazy fast. For instance, the current record for men is a 4:34. That is absolutely insane! I can’t even run that quick without drinking beer, and now you add that into the mix?  So what is the Beer Mile?    The Beer Mile consists of chugging a 12-ounce can or bottle of beer (at least 5% ABV) before every quarter mile lap. In the end, you chug four beers and run four laps. The race that I did,...

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2017 Paavo Nurmi Marathon Race Recap

I am pretty sure I lived up to the name of my blog this weekend when I ran the 2017 Paavo Nurmi Marathon as a training run. I know, who runs a marathon as a training run? Seriously.  Actually, it all started a few months ago when my friend Heather reached out to me and asked if I wanted to join her and her running crew up there for the race. They were doing the relays and she mentioned how much she wanted to do the marathon some day and after thinking about it, there was no reason why...

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The weekend with all the races

This weekend was a busy, but good one! I stacked it with two races, including a marathon… I feel like using a marathon as a “training run” put me in a whole different realm of crazy, ha! I will have a full recap of the marathon up on the blog tomorrow, but for now, just a few details.    On Friday, I headed to northeast Wisconsin to Hurley where I went to packet pickup and met up with my friend Heather and her running crew for the night.   The race started at 7:30 a.m. the next morning, and...

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Sparkle from the inside: Detox challenge with Gerolsteiner

Whether it was a bad day, a good one or something in between, I turned to soda as my “reward.” A Mountain Dew was my prize for getting through a day when I couldn’t deal with one more bad thing; it was my gift to myself when I had the best day and needed that little treat just to make it a little bit better.  What I didn’t realize was how bad this little treat really was. Filled with sugar, chemicals and everything in between, it’s surprising that I still have any teeth left after chugging down Mountain Dew...

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