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Some recent favorites + off to the desert!

This morning I am headed out to Arizona for my friend, Steph’s, bachelorette party in Lake Havasu. They are currently experiencing a heat wave out there, so the weather is going to be a little toasty. Like triple digits. And nearly 50 degrees warmer than here in Minneapolis.  I’ve stocked up with some essentials: 100+ SPF, UV rash guard shirt, trucker hats and my Hydroflask. I really don’t want to end up with crazy sunburn, so wish me luck.  As I’m getting ready for a weekend with one of my favorites, I’m going to share some of my other...

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2017 Grandma’s Marathon Race Recap

I have been struggling what to write about for my 2017 Grandma’s Marathon race recap… but before we get to that, I’ll chat a little bit about the entire weekend.    Melissa and I actually signed up for the Great Grandma’s Challenge, where you run the 5k on Friday night and Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday. I’ll write a full recap for the 5k next week, but the highlight of the weekend was definitely the marathon.  We got up to Duluth and hit the expo immediately since we couldn’t check in to our hotel, and it wasn’t too busy yet. At...

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How the 2017 Grandma’s Marathon went down

I totally meant to get this up yesterday, but well, that whole running a marathon thing definitely drains you so that didn’t happen.  Anyways! The 2017 Grandma’s Marathon… was amazing! I will have a full recap up tomorrow, but Melissa and I BOTH PRed!! 3:30.02 One minute and 17 second PR. Beyond the whole PR thing —> it was an AWESOME race. The weather was a little bit of a wildcard, but everything seemed to go to plan. My fueling strategy, running strategy, everything, was completely on point.  More tomorrow!  Tell me about your weekend! How’s the weather by...

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5 summer #running hacks

Meh, I don’t know about you… but summer running really isn’t my favorite thing ever. Give me a good fall running day where I can rock some capris and a long-sleeve shirt, and I’m a happy camper. Which is weird to think considering I lived in both Texas and Florida and somehow managed to run throughout most of the year when it’s hotter than what would be normal for a Midwestern summer.  But during that time, I learned a few summer running hacks that make it a little bit easier for me — and hopefully for you too! Here...

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My #1 goal for Grandma’s Marathon

I can’t believe that it’s already marathon weekend! I also can’t believe that even though this will be my 25th race, I still wonder if I can actually do it and hit the paces that I target.  Which brings me to today’s topic… my goal(s) for Grandma’s Marathon!  I mean I think it’s obvious —> I want to PR. But even more importantly, I want to run a smart, strong race.  Traditionally, I’m not very good at this.  I love the whole fly and die method, well, until I get into the upper teens and fall apart and wonder...

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