Learn more about Crazy Ties (and enter my giveaway!). 

Until I get my shop up and running, this page will be updated with current stock and availability.

All crazy ties are priced at $1 each (three pack = $3) with FREE shipping. They measure approximately 5″ around and are made of a stretchy ribbon to fit your wrist.

To order, please email me at lora (at) crazyrunninggirl.com. THANKS!

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bright_orange  country_blue  
Above: Bright Orange (only 1 available) / Country Blue



  green_yellow_chevron green_yellow_sparkle
Above: Green & Yellow Sparkle (only 1 available!)  / Gray & Yellow Chevron (only 1 available!)


 hunter_green  hunter_orange
Above: Hunter Green / Hunter Orange


lavender  magenta  
Above: Lavender / Magenta


midnight_blue  pale_yellow  
Above: Midnight Blue / Pale Yellow (only 1 available!)


pink_camo  pink_chevron
Above: Pink Camo (only 1 available!) / Pink Chevron



purple  sage_green  
Above: Purple / Sage Green







silver_sparkle  teal
Above: Silver Sparkle (only 1 available!) / Teal (only 1 available!)