My goals for 2017 -- see how I'm challenging my comfort zone | Crazy Running Girl


The Year of Challenging the Comfort Zone


1. Set a PR in the 5k and the half marathon

I also have a goal to PR in the marathon, but that’s the distance I love to run, so why not focus on the distances I’m not that big of a fan of? Yeah you heard me right, I really don’t love the 5k or the half marathon. Sorry. I also don’t love my times for these races and think that I can definitely PR in both of these distances. 


2. Try something new every single month

Last year was the first time I set this as a goal, and I totally crushed it. I want to do it again! There’s no better way than going outside of your comfort zone than to try something new each and every month. So excited to see what comes up on the calendar with this one! 


3. Read one book a month

I swear this has been on my list every year for a few years and I just can’t get there. THIS year will be different! I am excited to make this a priority and actually make it through (plus, is it cheating, but I’m already halfway through one book. ;)). 


4. Strength train at least two times per week

I think this one is a really hard one to set, because how can you measure it? There will be weeks where this doesn’t happen (hi, vacation and/or marathon recovery). But, I think in general, if I can hit strength training at least two times per week, I’ll be happy. 


5. Get my age of money up to 45 days

I mentioned this last year in one of my finding balance posts, but I recently started using You Need a Budget as my budgeting tool and LOVE it. One of the measurements that they have is your age of money, which for me, currently sits at like 13 days. I want to get it up to at least 45 days by the end of the year… at least.